Knowledge Focus 

  • Continue to build math, language arts and exploration skills 

Social/Emotional Focus

  • Follow directions without arguing or complaining. 

  • Able to make appropriate decisions and choices. 

  • Able to problem-solve instead of argue with classmates. 

  • Able to share and take turns. 

  • Appropriately participate in group activities. 

  • Respect the space and property of others. 

  • Feel good about themselves as part of God's loved creation. 

Spiritual Focus

  • Continue to understand that the Bible is God's special book and tells about God and His Son, Jesus. 

  • Grow in understanding of who God is, what God is like, and how much God loves them. 

  • Understand that they can talk to God whenever they want, wherever they are. 

  • Understand that when they do wrong things, God is sad; but that He will forgive them when they are truly sorry. 

  • Want to praise God for His love and help. 

  • Feel thankful for the people God uses to care for them.