Dress Code and Appearance Expectations

CCS believes that appropriate attire encourages good student conduct and is fundamental to the development of wholesome attitudes and behavior. Students are expected to wear clothes that are neat and clean. We encourage modesty in dress as set forth in Scripture.  The dress standards that follow are intended to express these biblical standards and principles. Parents are responsible to see that their children are dressed properly when they leave for school.

Shirts for girls and boys:

All shirts must be ONE solid color. NO accent colors or striping. No pictures or words allowed, except the CCS logo, which is optional.

  • Acceptable shirts:

    • Collared shirts. Must be loose-fitting and buttoned to within one button from the top.

    • Polo style

    • Spirit Wear shirts purchased from the CCS Spirit Shop

  • Turtlenecks/mock turtlenecks are acceptable as long as collar is at least 1½ inches high. One solid color. No accent colors or striping.

  • Brand logos are only acceptable if smaller than a quarter

  • Short sleeved, ¾-length and long sleeves are acceptable

Pants for girls and boys:

  • Khaki style (twill or corduroy fabric are acceptable, knit fabric are not acceptable)

  • Twill dress-Capris are acceptable for girls

  • No painters’ pants, baggies, carpenter loops, or denim

  • Khaki (tan) or navy colored only

  • Pants with holes, patches, or frayed leg bottoms may not be worn.

  • No accent colors or striping or decorative embellishments (including, but not limited to: patches, netting, jewels, or fringe.)

  • Pants must be worn at the waist and waistbands may not be turned over.

  • No pants or wallet chains will be allowed.

Sweaters, Vests, Sweatshirts

  • Only CCS sweatshirts purchased through the CCS Spirit Shop

  • Sweaters and vests may have zippers

  • Polar fleece may be worn in place of a sweater or vest

  • One solid color. No pictures or words; CCS logo optional. Brand logos are only acceptable if smaller than a quarter.

  • A dress code shirt must be worn under any style sweater.

Jumpers, Shorts, Skirts, Dresses

  • Solid khaki or navy blue only. No accent colors or striping. No decorative embellishments.

  • Items must be hemmed without frayed bottoms. Hem must be no more than 4 inches above the center of the kneecap, and waistbands may not be turned over.

  • Uniform polo dresses are acceptable but must be in either khaki or navy and the correct length.


The school discourages the use of makeup during junior high years, but this decision is left to the discretion of the parents. Makeup may not be worn until 6thgrade. At grade six, parents must monitor their daughter’s use of makeup. Makeup that is excessive or distracting will not be tolerated. Makeup may not be applied at school.

  • Jewelry must be modest and may not be distracting. Large earrings or more than 2 earrings per ear are not allowed in school.

  • Piercing of any area other than ears is not allowed.

  • Unnatural hair colors or extreme designs are not acceptable. Hair may not hang into the eyes.

  • No tattoos are allowed


  • Extremes in hairstyle including unnatural colors and spiking are not acceptable.

  • Hats or caps may not be worn in school.

  • Body piercing, earrings, nail color, tattoos, or brands are not allowed for boys. Earrings must be removed and existing tattoos or brands must be covered throughout the school day and whenever representing the school at functions or activities.

Head Covering/Sunglasses

  • No hat, cap, bandanas, etc. may be worn in the building. (Medical exception allowed)

  • No sunglasses may be worn in the building during school hours.

Shoes and Athletic Shoes

  • No inappropriate words or connotations on footwear.

  • Shoelaces must be tied

  • No sandals, flip-flops, or shoes with wheels

  • Lace-up athletic shoes must be worn for P.E.

Friday’s Dress Code

CCS t-shirts purchased through the CCS Spirit Shop may be worn on Friday with dress code bottoms (navy or khaki shorts or pants).

Jeans Day Dress Code

Plain jeans, long denim shorts, denim capris, or denim skirts may be worn on designated days. No holes, sparkles or fancy stitching is allowed. Low rise or tight jeans are not acceptable.  

The dress code at CCS is to be observed each day during the school year, for all school programs and performances outside school, field trips, etc., unless the school has informed parents otherwise.

CCS reserves the right to make the final decision in questionable areas of dress code. Parents may be called to bring appropriate clothing when students do not follow the dress code. Students in junior high who are not within dress code will receive a demerit. Elementary students are required to wear designated coordinated dress on a daily basis. If a child receives 3 dress code violations in a quarter, they will receive a behavior notice. Each subsequent violation during that quarter will result in a detention.