Calvary Christian School focuses on bringing the home, church and school into partnership for the purpose of training the next generation. Our mission is to graduate students with a Biblical Worldview Education. In keeping with that missions, CCS invites the following: 

  • Families who are defined according to the Biblical perspective of marriage; that marriage is between a male and a female. 
  • Families who are growing in their personal Christian walk and are involved in a local Bible-believing church. Calvary Christian School requires that at least one parent have a personal saving relationship with Jesus Christ. 
  • Students whose academic records demonstrate proven capabilities to succeed at Calvary Christian School. Students records are carefully evaluated during the application process. Students should be performing at or about grade level. 
  • Students whose recommendations portray a behavioral history that matches the behavior expectation of Calvary Christian School. Students who have been expelled should not apply until they have completed a successful year in another school.