Junior High

6th Grade - 8th Grade


Junior high classrooms use a variety of curriculum publishers as a guideline to meet objectives at stated in the scope and sequence. Publishers include Association of Christian School International (ACSI), Bob Jones University Press (BJU Press), ABeka, and McDougal Littell. 

In addition to these resources, Accelerated Reader and Accelerated Math by Renaissance Learning are utilized. 


There are two sections per subject for each grade with classroom limits of 20. 

Junior High classes include Math, English, Social Studies, Science, Spanish, Bible and Physical Education. Students are given time at the end of the day as a study hall or for electives such as Art, Yearbook, and Worship Team. 

Calvary Christian School administers the TerraNova test every year. This year, CCS students averaged 1.8 grade levels above the national average. As students move up the grades, the gain in grade level equivalent generally increases. Middle school grade level equivalents average over 1.9 grade levels above the national average. 

Extracurricular activities are offered through athletics and band.


Beginning in 5th grade, students are able to participate in extra-curricular athletics including soccer, volleyball, boys basketball, girls basketball, and cheer. Visit the athletic page for schedules.