Welcome to Calvary Children's Center

Calvary Children’s Center provides care for preschool aged children (age 2 - age 4) in a Christian atmosphere that encourages and supports the growth and development of the whole child: physical, mental, social/emotional, and spiritual. 



Research shows children need a balance of unstructured play time in a prepared and safe environment as well as adult planned and led activities to best grow and develop. Many varied experiences and activities are planned to help children grown and develop in four main areas: academic, small & large motor, social/emotional and spiritual. 


Curriculum presents learning and growing opportunities through the windows of seasons and holidays and Biblical stories and principles. All areas of the Illinois State Board of Education Early Learning Standards are addressed as teachers use Bob Jones University Press curriculums “Pathways for Preschool” and “Footsteps for Fours” in their planning.

Though children move through a schedule throughout the day, it is flexible and relaxed, with children playing and learning both in groups and independently. Our goal is to help parents lay a strong foundation as they prepare their children to move out from their familiar circle of home and family into the wider world of school and community life.